Summary of Interviews


About this summary

As a preparation for the workshop, all participants were interviewed to determine their level of familiarity with evaluation approaches and to gather their expectations[1]. This summary brings together all the responses with the purpose of informing both participants and facilitators about the levels of familiarity with the different approaches, and the expectations for the event. This information will be of use to the workshop facilitators to become aware of the range of skills and experience among the participants, and to adjust the content and emphasis of the sessions accordingly.

Main conclusions:

  • The best-known evaluation approach is Outcome Mapping, followed by Gender evaluation Methodology; and Most Significant Change is the least known.

  • There is a noticeable variation among the participants in terms of familiarity and experience with M&E approaches.

  • Participants share an interest in networking, in learning about new approaches, in developing mentoring relationships, and in developing and adjusting their projects’ M&E approaches.

  • While there is limited interest in LogFrames, there is more interest around ICT Indicators, mostly in the form of reference materials.

  • All participants were able to differentiate between outputs and outcomes. Outputs were seen as products or processes under the control of a project, while outcomes were associated with behaviour changes that can often not be directly attributed to a project.

To read the complete document follow this link: Discussion summary.

[1] On 18 October the thirteen participants received a Workshop Brief and a question guide that was subsequently filled during a individual phone or skype interviews held between 19 October and 19 November. Upon approval by the participant each interview summary was uploaded to the workshop webspace



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