This is the summary of conversation between Uca and Ricardo as part of the pre-workshop interaction. Read her responses and views on issues related to evaluation of ICTs.

What constitutes credible evaluation and acceptable evidence in your context?

For me credible evaluation needs to respond to the project objectives; start from the beginning of the project, respond to the various stages or phases and yet be flexible. It must actively engage all the relevant stakeholders.

Acceptable evidence depends on having indicators to measure products or impacts as outlines in the project objectives. It needs to address expected and unexpected outcomes.

How do you currently do M&E? What methods, approaches, etc. are you required / do you choose to use?

The project was only launched two months ago and we expect to engage an evaluator. We are keen to use OM.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the way you currently do M&E?

I like OM because it is simple, it can be developed at the start of the project. One can be selective of the parts one uses, and it captures a lot about the process that emerges instead of documenting who did what.

How familiar you are with the following evaluation approaches?

GEM (Gender Evaluation Methodology)

I have attended a workshop on GEM. I belong to the APC/PAM network (http://www.apcwomen.org/regions/latin_america) and have participated in a training workshop, but have not used it yet.

What is your level of understanding and experience conducting gender analysis?

I have a high level of understanding since I have worked on this subject for many years and I am a specialist in media content analysis. For example, I was part of expert group meeting for the United Nations DAW in Beirut, 2002.

What experience have you had in gender evaluation and gender training?

I have worked in many media strategies and gender evaluation in Latin America for more than ten years. In this field I had done evaluation for Ford Foundation, for the Ebert, SERNAM, WACC, APC, Group of women in Ecuador.

OM (Outcome Mapping)

I have attended workshops and I use it in my work.

How would you differentiate between outputs and outcomes?

It is very difficult for me to define both concepts very clearly. One refers to the impact and the other it is about the use.

MSC (Most Significant Change)
Not familiar at all.

Other approaches

What other approaches do you use?

I have significant experience with evaluation, but I can mention one approach in particular.

How much attention do you want us to give to LogFrames?

Leave it out. I do not like them – they are complex and inflexible. The engineers I collaborate with like them…

How much attention do you want us to give to ICT indicators?

Provide brief review and reference materials. I am always interested in material dealing with electronic waste.

Preference for the reference materials to take home:
Both hard copies and electronic.

Provide your three main expectations for this workshop.

  1. To learn about, and exchange experiences with others.
  2. To get up to date.
  3. To learn about new methods.

Would you be willing and able to prepare a poster to visualize and summarize your project?
We already have a 7-minute video in Spanish and I will look into the possibility of preparing a shorter clip in English for uploading to the webspace. We also have a poster about the project.


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