Marie Hélene

This is the summary of conversation between Marie Helene and Ricardo as part of the pre-workshop interaction. Read her responses and views on issues related to evaluation of ICTs.

What constitutes credible evaluation and acceptable evidence in your context?

I would rather ask: What is better to evaluate: the team, the project or the impact?
To see, to elaborate whether the project has produced results or impact. A project like the one I am coordinating is not supposed to produce immediate, short term impact, even if it did, they would be connected to other initiatives, so not sure if it would be possible to really assess that the project only produced the results. Also, how to show why the project eventually did not yield results is important for future action.

A personal conviction: the use of ICTs is not as good because people are not trained to be creative, they are conformist, they don’t jump into imaginative possibilities (e.g. finding innovative ways to use ICTs to reduce genital mutilation).

How do you currently do M&E? What methods, approaches, etc. are you required / do you choose to use?

For the moment, we have been collecting evaluation data, activity reports, information on gender, age, etc of users (direct participants). We are completing the first year of project and I have done an internal self-evaluation for each component.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the way you currently do M&E?

Have yet to make a global analysis. Not yet consolidated. At the time of the formal evaluation we will have all the information materials at our disposal.

How familiar you are with the following evaluation approaches?

GEM (Gender Evaluation Methodology)

I have attended a workshop on GEM and I use parts of it.

What is your level of understanding and experience conducting gender analysis?

Familiar with GEM, I have been part of the team since 1997.

What experience have you had in gender evaluation and gender training?

Have used GEM for evaluating a previous project in 2000.

OM (Outcome Mapping)

I have attended heard about it.

How would you differentiate between outputs and outcomes?

What is the French equivalents?
Output: product, Outcome: results. There is room to elaborate.

MSC (Most Significant Change)

Not familiar at all.

Other approaches

How much attention do you want us to give to LogFrames?

Include an interactive section or provide a brief review. Cadre logique. I have heard about it, but not used it. Would like some training.

How much attention do you want us to give to ICT indicators?

Provide reference materials and leave out of the workshop. I am more familiar, especially in Gender ICT issues. I have conducted research in this field, and developed a methodology to identify indicators on gender digital divide.

Preference for the reference materials to take home:

Both hard copies and electronic (best on the web instead of CDROM).

Provide your three main expectations for this workshop.

  1. To gain a clear idea of what I can/could do in evaluating the project; our evaluation will start in 6 months.
  2. To hear more about the 3 methodologies and LFAs, to learn more.
  3. Meet other people from other IDRC projects and the IDRC staff.

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