This is the summary of conversation between Julius and Ricardo as part of the pre-workshop interaction. The responses depict views on issues related to evaluation of ICTs.

What constitutes credible evaluation and acceptable evidence in your context?

Credible evaluation is based on science, it is about assessing some activity that has been implemented and the clients can comment on it objectively. Credible if one can identify and attribute the outcome, not a wild chase.

Acceptable evidence is clearly attributable, such as a change in behaviour, something that is measurable, objective and tangible; for example outputs of a certain commodity because of the intervention, holding other variables constant.

How do you currently do M&E? What methods, approaches, etc. are you required / do you choose to use?

In the past impact I did assessments, for example on a technology introduced by a project. At the start you conduct a baseline, and at the end you measure the same indicators, so you can see the impact. Monitoring is about watching the indicators during the implementation time.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the way you currently do M&E?

The biggest problem is how to attribute the change to the project, especially when there are other projects or changes in market or in weather that can affect the indicators.

How familiar you are with the following evaluation approaches?

GEM (Gender Evaluation Methodology)

Have heard of it. Not sure if GEM is the same as looking at gender impact.

What experience have you had in gender evaluation and gender training?

Have done impact studies differentiating on a gender basis.

OM (Outcome Mapping)

I have heard of it. Know the theory but not the practice. Have read resources from colleagues.

How would you differentiate between outputs and outcomes?

Outputs: something physical, like changes in milk production. Outcomes are about behaviour changes.

MSC (Most Significant Change)
Not familiar.

Other approaches

How much attention do you want us to give to LogFrames?

Provide reference materials. Familiar with them already, so not much time needed.

How much attention do you want us to give to ICT indicators?

Provide brief review, would want to learn about them, I may know it under a different name.

Preference for the reference materials to take home:
Both hard copies and electronic. Manuals in hard copy.

Provide your three main expectations for this workshop.

  1. To learn how to use OM.
  2. To learn how to implement it for M&E.

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