This workshop brings UFE practitioners from many countries who are working on ICTs and human development issues. Their combined experience covers a number of fields: journalism, sociology, health services, among others, working around the world.



  • Jian Wang (PROJECT: Digital Review of Asia Pacific (DirAP) – Phase II)
  • Sana Gul (PROJECT: PAN Localization Phase II)
  • Zarah Almeida (PROJECT: Community Driven Universal Access Solutions in Cambodia : Pilots to Policy Research)
  • Chanuka Wattegama (PROJECT: Learning Initiatives for Network Economies in Asia -LIRNEasia)


  • Chris Morris (PROJECT: Comparative study of first mileand first inchtechnologies in different lowdensity contexts)
  • Julius Juma Okello (PROJECT: DrumNet : Building a GSM-enabled Information System for Smallholder Farmers in Kenya – Phase II )
  • Asmae El Mahdi (PROJECT: Electronic Government in the City of Fez, Morocco : Scaling up to the National Level)
  • Marie Helene Mottin Sylla (PROJECT: Contribution of ICTs to the Rejection of Female Genital Mutilation in Francophone West Africa)

Latin America & Caribbean

  • Judith Mariscal (PROJECT: Regional Dialogue on the Information Society Network – Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • Uca Silva (PROJECT: Regional Platform on Personal Computers Electronic-Waste in Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • Pammla Petrucka (PROJECT: Linkage for Education and Research in Nursing (LEARN) : a Caribbean Initiative)

Cross-regional resource person

  • Angela Kuga Thas (PROJECT: Building Gender and Evaluation Practice within the ICT for Development Community : Gender Evaluation Methodology II)
  • Khilesh Chaturverdi (Association for Stimulating Know-how – ASK)


  • Chat Garcia Ramilo (APC Women)
  • Jess Dart (Clear Horizon)
  • Sarah Earl (Evaluation Unit – IDRC)
  • Ricardo Ramirez (University of Guelph)


  • Alicia Richero (Connectivity and Equity in the Americas)
  • Laurent Elder (Pan Asia Networking)
  • Chaitali Sinha (Pan Asia Networking)
  • Phet Sayo (Pan Asia Networking)
  • Sunil Abraham (Pan Asia Networking)
  • Maria Ng (Pan Asia Networking)
  • Silvia Caicedo (Pan Asia Networking)
  • Steve Song (Acacia & Connectivity Africa)
  • Heloise Emdon (Acacia & Connectivity Africa)
  • Adel El Zaim (Acacia & Connectivity Africa)
  • Khaled Fourati (Acacia & Connectivity Africa)
  • Geneviève Lefebvre (Acacia & Connectivity Africa)
  • Pauline Dole (Communications)
  • Frank Tulus (
  • Jackie Loh (
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