Pre-DECI Archive 2007

Evaluation in Practice: Use and Outcomes in ICT4D Research
Kuala-Lumpur 8-9 December 2007

About the workshop:

The Utilization-focused evaluation (UFE) of ICTs for Development to take place in Kuala-Lumpur (Malysia), December 8-9, 2007. This is a two-day event that brings together evaluation practitioners working and learning about the outcomes of ICT on human development around the world and three evaluation facilitators to discuss the application, intended use and relevance for Outcome Mapping, Most Significant Change, and Gender Evaluation Methodology as evaluation approaches to ICT for development research.


  • Inform participants about different types of utilization-focused evaluation (UFE) methods, and equip them with the tools to choose the appropriate method or combination of methods to meet their intended uses and users.
  • Provide a space for participants and partners to reflect, develop or improve their respective evaluation plans.
  • Contribute toward innovative thinking in the field of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of ICTs.

Using these objectives, participants will cover a very busy agenda.
|What is UFE?|

“Utilization-Focused Evaluation (U-FE) begins with the premise that evaluations should be judged by their utility and actual use; therefore, evaluators should facilitate the evaluation process and design any evaluation with careful consideration of how everything that is done, from beginning to end, will affect use. Use concerns how real people in the real world apply evaluation findings and experiences in the evaluation process. Therefore, the focus in utilization-focused evaluation is on intended use by intended users. … Utilization-focused evaluation does not advocate any particular evaluation content, model, method, theory, or even use. Rather, it is a process for helping primary intended users select the most appropriate content, model, methods, theory, and uses for their particular situation.” Taken from Michael Quinn Patton (2002) Utilization-Focused Evaluation (U-FE) Checklist

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