Posted by: yayitac | December 29, 2007

Post workshop activities

Many days have passed since the Evaluation in Practice workshop that brought together over twenty people working in the ICT4D field. The workshop was held in Malaysia in December 8-9, 2007 to coincide with the GK3 conference.

IDRC invited facilitators to present three evaluation approaches that have promise to be systematically for ICT4D research projects: Outcome Mapping (OM), Gender Evaluation Methodology GEM) and Most Significant Change (MSC). Facilitators also assisted project leaders Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean and their counterparts at IDRC in finding the best entry points to include the evaluation approaches in project implementation plans.

The workshop was preceded by interviews to establish levels of M&E interests, knowledge , needs and expectations among participants through interviews and d in order to learn about their needs and expectations.

Participants expressed their satisfaction with the workshop and it is expected that there will be follow up work around the issues of M&E in ICT4D. A report detailing the workshop event and providing an analysis of it is located in this website for future reference. Follow this link to view or download the final report.

Stay tuned for online discussions and exchanges hosted in this site.


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